An infographic, simply put, is information presented graphically. They are used to display a collection of information in an easy-to-digest, visually appealing manner. Infographics are a great medium for statistics, instructions, timelines, and maps. Infographics like “How to Purchase an Engagement Ring” get significant social media shares, features on high-profile websites, and most importantly- valuable back-links. If we use the Engagement Ring infographic as an example- this is a great method for social marketing for a jeweler or any wedding related website. The infographic isn’t selling jewelry, instead, it offers useful information instead of a sales pitch. If you think about creating content for the purpose of providing something useful and interesting, the internet is often going to be a lot more receptive to your product than they might be to a traditional sales approach.

attorney infographic







You might be surprised by how much you can learn about someone in a brief encounter. Some argue that we form definitive opinions of others within the first five minutes of meeting them. The same applies to businesses- first impressions often determine whether or not a client goes elsewhere.

A company’s name and logo can speak volumes about their target age group and their industry. A cartoon octopus probably wouldn’t work as a mascot for a national trial attorney but it could work for an interactive agency.

McDougall Interactive is an Internet Marketing Agency that is fluent in the technical side of SEO, but also offers creative services. Basically, they didn’t want to look like number-crunching robots, so we came up with this-



Good ideas are useless without a proper means of delivery. We’ve been running a successful comic series for several years and have produced work in a wide range of styles.

Here is a comic strip we made for McDougall Interactive, on online marketing agency. This ran as part of an advertorial in North Shore Magazine.

Video projects often go beyond just uploading the video to YouTube. We designed a contest page for Golfetail, a retail site that sells used golf clubs, to coincide with the release of the viral video we produced for them. (Check it out here)